10.15 - 11.00 The inconvient thruth
HR Analytics; pay differentials
Kilian Wawoe

What’s the daily practice regarding pay differentials in relation to Performance Management? Are salary raises fact- or just feeling-based?


While HR professionals tend to speak more about HR Analytics instead of putting it in into practice, Kilian ran a thorough research into the mechanisms of pay differentials.


Be prepared to share his disclosure of the inconvenient truth.


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11.30 - 12.15 Innovative leadership in international agile organisations
Help, my organisation is a jungle
Jef Staes

Change and innovation is at the heart of every discussion in many industries. The tremendous increase in information is stressing the limits of old paradigms and processes.


As a system thinker, Jef looks beyond the classical approach to innovation based on new products and services. This reveals a broader trend that impacts not only business and education, but also different facets such as human resources, management and finances.


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12.45 - 13.30 The Future of HR?
But are you ready for today?
Vernonique Bourée

We talk a lot about the future of HR but what about the current world of HR? Are you and your organization following current HR trends? Or do you think some of them are just hypes? In this interactive session Veronique Bourée will involve you in a “poll” discussion to find out the current state of HR and your position within and to see if you can take up the challenges of the future.


In this session you will find out together with other HR professionals your current place in HR and if you are ready for the world beyond. This session will give you some key take-away’ s to share with you to your organization so you can present the current situation, compare it and see if your organization is open-minded for the world of tomorrow.


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14.00 - 14.45 Does learning impact business results
Establishing tangible metrics for success
Jan Rijken

Corporate Learning Leaders face challenges when measuring and reporting the contribution and value of learning. Creating an Annual Learning report boosts the visibility and the credibility of L&D programs in your organization.


With credible L&D metrics you can capture the added value of your Learning and Development program. This will help to visualize how learning can contribute and add value to an organization and give your organization a competitive advantage. Jan Rijken shows you on the bases of a case study.


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15.15 - 16.00 The future of talent
A new approach to work
Kevin Wheeler

How will we work in 20 years? Will we still have jobs? Will we work flexibly and temporarily, or will we be  hired based on skills? According to Kevin Wheeler, the latter will be the case. This new way of working has a major influence on the recruitment and selection process.


The world of work will focus on networks of people with certain skills in the future. A completely different approach to work, which has a major impact on HR’s role and that of the recruiter, where the use of technology and ICT is indispensable. Kevin Wheeler shows you in his presentation how to anticipate these changes and how it affects your daily work.


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